We Supply jewelry bead container storage board/beads counter, Wholesale jewelry bead container storage board/beads counter and export jewelry bead container storage board/beads counter
  Beaded Garland Curtain
Ring Beaded Garland-YZA
BowTie Beaded Garland-YZA
Machine Beaded Garland-YZL
Clasp Beaded Garland-YZN
Mirror Beaded Garland-YZJ
Hook Beaded Garland-YZN
Pearl Beaded Garland-YZB
Wire Beaded Garland-YZC
Rose Petal Garland-I
  Chandelier Prism Dropping
Bicone Wire Chandelier Prism-CDB
Clasp Chandelier Prism-CDL
Ring Chandelier Prism-CDB
Round Bead Chandelier Prism-CDY
Round Bead Chandelier Prism-CDY
Cube Chandelier Prism-CDL
Bowtie Chandelier Prism-CDT
Hook Chandelier Prism-CDE
  Wedding Tree & Holder
Wedding Tree
Wedding Tree Garland-CGL
Chandelier Garland Circle-CDC
Beaded Flower Holder-CBH
Key & bag Chains-CDK
TableCloth Clip-CDD
Bridal Wreath Crown-XFD
  Acrylic Jewelry Beads
Acrylic Round Beads-YA
Acrylic Bicone Beads-YB
Acrylic Oval Beads-YE
Acrylic Flower Beads-YC
Acrylic Butterfly Beads-YD
Acrylic Oval Beads-YE
Acrylic Rose Beads-YF
Acrylic Spike Beads-YG
Acrylic Star Beads-YH
Acrylic Square Beads-YI
Acrylic Heart Beads-YJ
Plastic Vase Stone-YT
Acrylic Animal Beads-YK
Angle & Cross Beads-YL
Acrylic Fruit Beads-YM
Double Hole Beads-AC
Skull Eye Beads-YO
Resin Rhinestone Berry Beads-YP
Acrylic Crystal Diamond-YQ
Letter Alphabet Beads-YR
Icicle Diamond Beads-YS
Plastic Leaf Beads-YU
Acrylic Teardrop Beads-YW
Acrylic Heart Beads-YJ
acrylic teardrop YW
  Other Beads and Accessories
glass Beads-GY
Resin Beads-RW
Wood Beads-MZ
Jewelry Wire-SB
Jewelry Tools-SC
Jewelry Boxes-SA
Jewelry Clasp-SQJ
Jewelry Hook-SQJ
Jewelry Ring-SQJ
Metal Beads-MSB
Other Jewelry Part-SB
Curtain Accessories-SZ
  Beaded Jewelry
Beaded Flower-JHB
Beaded Necklace-JB
Beaded Bracelet-JB
Beaded Earring-YV
Hair Accessories-XFD
Beaded Ring-ZQJ
Foot Jewelry-JB
DIY Jewelry Box-SA
  Other Series
Acrylic Bicone Beads--YB
Acrylic Skull Eye Beads--YO
Acrylic Flower Beads---YC
Packing & Shipping Details
Artificial Flower Garland-FHC
clear jewelry acrylic beads-WAC
jewelry acrylic drop pendant-CDZ
acrylic jewellry inside beads-ABB
Alloy metal flower charms-AJ
acrylic jewelry miracle beads-MC
Jewelry CCB bead necklace-UV
pearl beads jewelry necklace-PB
clear acrylic beads necklace-JB
faceted floral-AF(JHB)
jewelry bead container storage board/beads counter
acrylic ice crystal-AS(YT)
jewelry beads box-ZH(SA)
acrylic resin rhinestone ball bead-ZZB(YP)
resin rhinestone bead jewelry necklace-ZAN
jewelry resin rhinestone ball spacer bracelet-ZAB
jewelry earring metal findings-ESJ
Base metal finding jewelry-BKJ
Acrylic mirror Beads-AJZ
chandelier prism-CDL

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