We Supply Yiwu Acrylic Metallic Silver Flat Alphabet Beads, Wholesale Yiwu Acrylic Metallic Silver Flat Alphabet Beads and export Yiwu Acrylic Metallic Silver Flat Alphabet Beads
  Beaded Garland Curtain
Ring Beaded Garland-YZA
BowTie Beaded Garland-YZA
Machine Beaded Garland-YZL
Clasp Beaded Garland-YZN
Mirror Beaded Garland-YZJ
Hook Beaded Garland-YZN
Pearl Beaded Garland-YZB
Wire Beaded Garland-YZC
Rose Petal Garland-I
  Chandelier Prism Dropping
Bicone Wire Chandelier Prism-CDB
Clasp Chandelier Prism-CDL
Ring Chandelier Prism-CDB
Round Bead Chandelier Prism-CDY
Round Bead Chandelier Prism-CDY
Cube Chandelier Prism-CDL
Bowtie Chandelier Prism-CDT
Hook Chandelier Prism-CDE
  Wedding Tree & Holder
Wedding Tree
Wedding Tree Garland-CGL
Chandelier Garland Circle-CDC
Beaded Flower Holder-CBH
Key & bag Chains-CDK
TableCloth Clip-CDD
Bridal Wreath Crown-XFD
  Acrylic Jewelry Beads
Acrylic Round Beads-YA
Acrylic Bicone Beads-YB
Acrylic Oval Beads-YE
Acrylic Flower Beads-YC
Acrylic Butterfly Beads-YD
Acrylic Oval Beads-YE
Acrylic Rose Beads-YF
Acrylic Spike Beads-YG
Acrylic Star Beads-YH
Acrylic Square Beads-YI
Acrylic Heart Beads-YJ
Plastic Vase Stone-YT
Acrylic Animal Beads-YK
Angle & Cross Beads-YL
Acrylic Fruit Beads-YM
Double Hole Beads-AC
Skull Eye Beads-YO
Resin Rhinestone Berry Beads-YP
Acrylic Crystal Diamond-YQ
Letter Alphabet Beads-YR
Icicle Diamond Beads-YS
Plastic Leaf Beads-YU
Acrylic Teardrop Beads-YW
Acrylic Heart Beads-YJ
acrylic teardrop YW
  Other Beads and Accessories
glass Beads-GY
Resin Beads-RW
Wood Beads-MZ
Jewelry Wire-SB
Jewelry Tools-SC
Jewelry Boxes-SA
Jewelry Clasp-SQJ
Jewelry Hook-SQJ
Jewelry Ring-SQJ
Metal Beads-MSB
Other Jewelry Part-SB
Curtain Accessories-SZ
  Beaded Jewelry
Beaded Flower-JHB
Beaded Necklace-JB
Beaded Bracelet-JB
Beaded Earring-YV
Hair Accessories-XFD
Beaded Ring-ZQJ
Foot Jewelry-JB
DIY Jewelry Box-SA
  Other Series
Acrylic Bicone Beads--YB
Acrylic Skull Eye Beads--YO
Acrylic Flower Beads---YC
Packing & Shipping Details
Artificial Flower Garland-FHC
clear jewelry acrylic beads-WAC
jewelry acrylic drop pendant-CDZ
acrylic jewellry inside beads-ABB
Alloy metal flower charms-AJ
acrylic jewelry miracle beads-MC
Jewelry CCB bead necklace-UV
pearl beads jewelry necklace-PB
clear acrylic beads necklace-JB
faceted floral-AF(JHB)
jewelry bead container storage board/beads counter
acrylic ice crystal-AS(YT)
jewelry beads box-ZH(SA)
acrylic resin rhinestone ball bead-ZZB(YP)
resin rhinestone bead jewelry necklace-ZAN
jewelry resin rhinestone ball spacer bracelet-ZAB
jewelry earring metal findings-ESJ
Base metal finding jewelry-BKJ
Acrylic mirror Beads-AJZ
chandelier prism-CDL

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